Japan’s death industry reaps grim profits

October 21, 2011 No Comments by montty

Across from a brainstorm boutique in a Yokohama suburb, Hisayoshi Teramura’s inn looks abundant like any added baby abode that dots the anchorage city. Occasionally, it’s even mistaken for a adulation auberge by couples ache for some time below the sheets.

He pulls out his adaptable buzz and shows a account of an appointment architecture he just bought in addition Yokohama neighborhood. When he has accomplished renovating it will be his additional Lastel, with allowance for 40 bodies, added than bifold the first.

He refuses to divulge, however, absolutely area it is in case any NIMBY neighbors get wind of what he is up to and try to annihilate his latest body hotel.

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Japan’s death industry reaps grim profits

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